Top Online Schools 2020

Searching for the best online course providers in 2020? Well, look no further. On this page you will find our quick and simple index page of the leading online schools in 2020. We’ve searched long and hard for the schools which provide top quality course content, affordable course fees and the most accessible online learning platforms. And we’ll be honest — not all online course platforms are equal. But you need not worry about that; check out the table below to find the UK’s number one online course specialist. 

The Best Online Course Platforms in 2020 - Reviewed & Tested

  • One of the largest library of online courses
  • Essentially the YouTube of online learning
  • SEO, Design, Photography, Coding, Photography all covered
  • Pay as you go -- don't get trapped by expensive course fees
  • Courses from as little as £9.99
Avg. Per Course
  • Learn from real experts and celebs online
  • Get your hands on insider industry secrets
  • Learn to cook, act, dance and direct online
  • All-Access allows you unlimited courses for 12 months
  • Tutors include Ron Howard, Gordon Ramsay & S L Jackson
Per Month
LinkedIn Logo
LinkedIn Learning Review
  • Courses created by the leading professional networking site
  • Learning tailored to your LinkedIn professional background
  • Available for individuals or your team
  • Huge library of courses available for professionals
  • Intuitive and easy to use platform
Avg. Per Course
  • Get your 'Techdegree' with Treehouse
  • Industry recognised online courses
  • Over 300 courses and 278+ workshops available
  • Flexible -- learn when you want!
  • Soft and hard skill courses available
Avg. Per Course
  • Accredited online professional qualifications
  • Get your undergraduate and postgraduate degree online
  • All online courses accredited and recognised
  • Partnered with universities and business worldwide
  • 13+ professional qualifications on offer
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What Makes A Good Online School?

Before embarking upon your online studies, it’s pretty important to learn how to recognised a reputable and solid online school. While most of the popular schools which we listed above have stellar reputations, these are the key things you should look out for:

1. Peer Reviews

Firstly, it’s important to check whether or not a school peer reviews its tutors. This isn’t really relevant for the likes of MasterClass, as most tutors are industry recognised experts in their field. But for the likes of Udemy, the ability to review and leave feedback for your tutor is so important, as ultimately anybody can be a Udemy tutor;

2. Course Costs

Secondly, you should check out how much it costs to partake on a course before investing too much time into an online course. Some online course providers such as LinkedIn Learning don’t make the price clear until you opt to buy, which we think is pretty annoying. You might find yourself in the position of falling in love with a course, but failing to check the price ahead you realise it’s way out of your budget. Hence, one of the things we look for when choosing an online school is its price point;

3. Course Quality

Furthermore, we check for the quality of course content. This, sure, goes hand in hand with the first point — but sometimes even peer reviews don’t reveal all of the story. For example, maybe the course was too advanced for a student and instead of accepting their shortcoming they instead decided to leave a negative review. Hence, it’s important that — if possible — you review the content before purchasing. Udemy actually offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, which is incredibly useful for those worried about getting their value for money;

4. Qualifications 

Finally, it’s worth checking if your online class provides you with any qualifications or certification at the end of the course. Not many do — and in most instances the course provider is upfront and honest about it; take Udemy for example, who see themselves more as a middle-man between experts and tutors. There are some, such as Coursera, who do offer professional and industry recognised qualifications at the end of the course, but these can be expensive and are often at degree level or higher. Treehouse, on the other hand, offers courses that are recognised by employers and might go a long way in assisting you getting a job, or that all important promotion.

Treehouse Logo
Treehouse Review
  • Get your 'Techdegree' with Treehouse
  • Industry recognised online courses
  • Over 300 courses and 278+ workshops available
  • Flexible -- learn when you want!
  • Soft and hard skill courses available
Avg. Per Course

What Makes Udemy Stand Out?

You might’ve heard rave reviews about Udemy and how it’s become the ultimate resource for online classes — and you might be right. But if you’re like most savvy consumers out there, you just don’t listen to what people have to say. Instead, you want to research the facts for yourself. Well, as an impartial resource for online learning, you’ve certainly found the right place to get the facts. 

Let us take you through the pros and cons of purchasing a Udemy course. 

Pros of Learning with Udemy

  • Low Cost: Udemy offers a wide range of courses starting from £9.99.
  • Learn When You Want: All courses can be accessed 24/7 after purchase
  • Accessible Anywhere: Study from home, on the bus, on a plane.
  • Peer Reviewed: All courses are rated by the community.

Cons of Learning with Udemy

  • Lack Tutor Contact: Tutors are not readily available for questions.
  • Potential For Poor Content: Not all Udemy tutors are pros.

Best Beginner Course Provider for Business:

It's quite simple — if you're looking for a cost effective solid introduction to online business, then we highly recommend you head to Udemy. They offer a wide range of online business courses starting from £9.99.