The 50/50 Promise – How Does It Work?

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How Does the 50/50 Promise Work?

Online Classes is an affiliate website. Many websites attempt to hide that from you — but we’re a little different. We want you to know that every time you purchase a course through our website (not yet though, as we don’t have any affiliate partnerships yet), Hughtech Ltd (the company that owns the website) will receive a commission. 

Commissions range from 10% up to 50%. Now, for a Udemy course that costs £9.99 that’s not much — but for a Masterclass course which costs £80+, that’s a sizeable chunk of cash.

Of course, building up a website like this has its costs and these need to be covered — but once a website has been live after a few years of delivering top-quality content, these costs diminish quite rapidly and what we’re left with is a product which generates a healthy cash-flow.

Ashley Hughes, the man behind Hughtech, has often wondered how he could create a solid affiliate product which both benefits its users (you guys) and society (charity). And like most great ideas, it came to him in the shower.

By creating websites which advertise products that have a positive impact on society (education being one of them), he could eventually build up a portfolio of websites which generate enough revenue (and subsequent profit) to one day be in a position to donate 50% of his net-profits to charity. And while this might sound unsustainable — trust him, he’s seen how much profit affiliate websites can make. 

The 50/50 Promise – Key Facts:

As part of the 50/50 promise, Hughtech Ltd will do the following:

Publish yearly revenues and profits of each website in the Hughtech Affiliates portfolio.

Share expenses and costs per product as transparently as possible, while also complying with GDPR regulations.

Share details of donations made, stating clearly which charity and the value of each donation.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our 50 / 50 promise. And if you have already purchased a course or product through our website, you’re awesome.

Hughtech Ltd, or any of its properties, does not provide lead generation services for any company within the following industries: financial services, fintech, securities trading, investing, financial planning, iGaming, sports betting, online casino, online poker, online lotteries.

The 50/50 Promise

Want to make a difference while learning? How about educating yourself while donating at the same time? By purchasing a course through our website you can do just that.

Our 50/50 promise means that we’ll donate 50% of our net profits to charitable causes each year. This means you can donate to good causes while also enriching your knowledge at the same time. It’s a win-win!

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