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What's the difference between Udemy and Masterclass?

Curious as to what MasterClass is, but not sure how they differ from the rest of the online course providers on the web? Seen the course fees, but can’t work out why MasterClass is so expensive when compared to the likes of Udemy or LinkedIn Learning? In this article we’re going to: explore the difference between MasterClass and Udemy; explore MasterClass’ price point and fee structure; and speak about what it is that makes MasterClass a very interesting way to learn new skills. 

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What’s the difference between Udemy and MasterClass?

One of the main questions we’re often asked is ‘what is the difference between MasterClass and Udemy?”. Both, as you might know, offer online courses in the form of serialised videos and both teach a broad range of subjects — but the main difference between the two is in the tutors. While Udemy allows anybody to upload lessons — essentially becoming a tutor overnight — MasterClass only allows renowned and accredited individuals to teach on their platform. We’re talking about the likes of Ron Howard, Gordon Ramsay, Anna Wintour, Stephen Curry, Hans Zimmer and many more. And as you would expect with A-listers, their fees are often more expensive than the likes of Udemy tutors. 

But don’t let the fees put you off — you’re definitely getting value for money. Take the Garry Kasparov – Teaches Chess package. All in all you get 29 lessons from one of the greatest chess players to live on Earth. For a one-time fee of just £85, you can substantially improve your knowledge of chess, assured that the information actually comes from a renowned professional. Of course, you can find chess courses on Udemy — and some very good ones at that — but we’re confident it won’t have the production value of a MasterClass course — another key selling difference. 

The MasterClass fee structure for online classes

MasterClass, when compared to the likes of LinkedIn Learning or Udemy, is a little different depending on the package you choose. You can, on MasterClass, pay for a course individually — which is exactly the same as most other online providers. 


On the other hand, unlike the aforementioned, you can pay a one time yearly fee to access all the content available on MasterClass — called the All-Access package. It works out at about £14 per month (billed annually), but gives you access to over thirty tutors — from the likes of Martin Scorsese, Chris Hadfield, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay and many other superstars. 


But, is the MasterClass All-Access package worth it? Well, it depends on you appetite to learn. If you have one course in mind and one course in mind only, then purchasing a pass for a single course might well be the best option. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn how to cook like Ramsay, play poker like Daniel Negreanu, write like Margaret Atwood and direct like Ron Howard, then an All-Access pass is definitely worth it. 

Compared to other online course providers, MasterClass is certainly on the expensive side. But if you’re looking to take advantage of all of the website’s courses, an All-Access pass at around £14 a month is pretty good value for money.

MasterClass has around 30 courses available — each presented by industry expert, celebs and more.

MasterClass was founded in 2014 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen.

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