The Best Free Udemy Courses in 2021

When it comes to online courses, Udemy is one of the top names in the business. With over 30 million students across the world, and offering in excess of 130,000 courses in over 60 languages, Udemy’s international reach is massive.

You can learn from over 50,000 tutors, many of whom are highly regarded experts in their respective industries, who cover a massive range of topics. Education, IT and software, music, health and fitness, photography and marketing are just some of the subjects in which you can find courses at Udemy.

Of course, many of Udemy’s courses are free. But how can you be sure that a course that has no price tag is worth your time? Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best free courses that can be found at Udemy. You should be able to pick up some useful pointers about what to look out for in a free course too.

Free Courses from Udemy

Here is a selection of five of the best courses that are on offer from Udemy that will cost you nothing. All of these courses will teach you useful skills, and represent really good value.

Cooking Korean Foods

Korean cuisine is interesting, vibrant and flavourful, and you are sure to impress friends and family if you can turn your hand to some dishes. This free course from Udemy consists of 36 lectures and includes 3.5 hours of video content. New videos are uploaded weekly, and you will learn how to cook dishes like kimchi, dakbokeumtang, bulgogi, kimchi jjigae and bibimbap.

You can access on the course on your TV or your mobile device, making it easy to watch the video content. Signing up for the course gives you lifetime access to it, and you will also receive a certificate of completion at the end, as long as you manage to successfully complete all the tasks involved.

The only equipment that you need is typical cookware and utensils, there are no specifications given for anything beyond that. So do not worry if you do not have the full range of tools that a traditional Korean chef would use. You will, of course, need a kitchen in which you can make dishes and practice.

The course is taught by Johnny Row, a Canadian-Korean chef from Vancouver who promises big flavours and authenticity. There is also a bonus section at the end of the course that teaches some basics of Japanese cuisine, which is useful if you’re looking to branch out a little bit.

The Beginners Guide to Photography: A Camera Crash Course

Photography is always a popular option for online courses, and there are thousands of photography courses offered online. If you are a complete novice, then it can be very hard to find a course that is suitable for your skill level.

With Udemy, the choice becomes a lot clearer. This beginners’ guide will give you a great grounding in topics like shutter speed, ISO, aperture and exposure. You’ll also pick up tips and tricks from the professionals as you learn.

This free crash course will teach you the basics of how to get best use from your digital camera and take better pictures.

There is just 37 minutes of video content to digest, so time commitments are not excessive. The course is taught by Swedish professional portrait photographer Daniel Evertsson.

The only requirement that you need for the course is, unsurprisingly, a digital camera. This is an ideal course for the casual photographer who has an interest in developing their skills, and is an excellent option for anyone looking for a free course.

Health & Fitness: 30-Minute Guide to Supercharge Your Life

Improving health and fitness is always a popular topic of online courses, with the fitness industry growing year on year. It should not be surprising then that you can find plenty of good free health and fitness courses at Udemy.

One of our favourites is this course that is taught by fitness expert Ben Detwiler. Detwiler is a U.S certified teacher in K-12 Health and Physical Education who has been teaching in Asia since 2010. He has run successful bootcamps in Asian countries like Pakistan, and has taught over 12,000 students.

The course consists of 33 minutes of on-demand video, and you have lifetime access to the course materials if you sign up. You also receive a certificate of completion at the end of it.

There are 11 lectures in total, dealing with topics like drinking water, achieving mental clarity and reducing your calorie intake.

Simple and straightforward, this is a great beginner level course for anyone who wants to become healthier and fitter. You do not need to commit too much time to the course either.

Sales and Marketing For Online Businesses

Marketing is another of those topics that is becoming hugely popular for people signing up for online courses. The internet has opened up thousands of new business opportunities for the general public, and the demand for marketing skills among these budding entrepreneurs is huge.

If you’re one of those aspiring business types who wants to get a handle on the basics of marketing on the internet, this free Udemy course is a good option. The course includes three hours of on-demand video, and gives you advice on how to market and advertise your online business, and hopefully boost sales.

Crucial skills like keyword research and customer service are also covered, and you’ll learn about creating great videos that will boost traffic to your website. The course is taught by Mike M Burke, who describes himself as an entrepreneur, small business owner, actor, writer and film maker. He runs several small, online businesses. The course consists of 23 lectures and is just under three hours long, and signing up grants you lifetime access to the course materials. It is assumed that you will have some basic knowledge of running your own business before you start the course. You will receive a certificate of completion if your successfully finish the course.

Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners

Another hugely popular topic for online learners is coding and computer science. There are hundreds of thousands of online courses that deal with this subject area, and filtering out the good from the bad can be tricky, especially when it comes to free courses.

Courses in Python are in high demand, which is why this free course from Udemy is among our favourites. Created and taught by data analyst Michael S Russell, it features 6.5 hours of on demand video content. There are eight downloadable resources, and you are granted full lifetime access to the materials when you sign up.

The course is suitable for complete newcomers to programming, or to learners who have been studying another programming language, such as JavaScript. You will need a PC or laptop with internet access to study the course, which teaches you the fundamentals of any programming language, using Python 3.6 and Anaconda 5.0.0 with Jupyter Notebook. After learning the basics, you are taught about concepts such as data structures, control flow, loops, functions and handling errors, among other things. Almost 57,500 students have enrolled in the course to date, a sign of its effectiveness. We would recommend that you take a look at this course if you are an aspiring coder.

Other Free Courses Available at Udemy

Of course, there are hundreds of topics covered by Udemy, and these five courses are just a snapshot of what you can study at the website. We would also recommend that you take a look at graphic design courses like How To Design Social Media Posts with Canva! (Beginner), or How to Design a Flyer in Photoshop. It is also well worth browsing the entire range of photography and coding courses, as there are some really intriguing and useful options on offer to anyone who aspires
to improve their skills in these areas.

Udemy Has Plenty of Great Free Courses

As you can see from the five courses we have featured above, there are plenty of options available at Udemy if you don’t want to pay. There is a wider range of topics covered than we have mentioned above too, and you can find really useful free courses in subjects such as personal development and office productivity too.

What is always worth noting about Udemy is the quality of the courses too. High quality tutors, top notch course materials and excellent time design are the hallmarks of Udemy courses, and you can find plenty of free options that feature all of those aspects. The level of time required for most Udemy course is also reasonable, and they rarely make overly onerous demands on your time.

So don’t delay. If you have a hankering to learn a new skill or improve one that you already possess, get over to Udemy and have a look at what’s on offer. You do not need to shell out big bucks to benefit from Udemy, so check out their courses today!

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