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Coding is a popular choice for those seeking to start, or change, their career; often vaunted as a future-proof option where the demand for skilled workers will only grow as the years pass. A huge number of online coding courses have subsequently been launched in order to meet the demand from prospective students and, amongst these, the Treehouse “Techdegree” courses particularly stand out. 

An introduction to Techdegrees 

Treehouse offer a range of coding options via a subscription model, so you pay a monthly amount (which is £20/pm for the “Basic” level and £40/pm for “Pro”) and are then able to access a range of coding-related courses. 

The Treehouse Techdegrees operate on much the same premise; a monthly subscription is required, which provides access to course materials. However, the Techdegrees include everything that is offered to Basic and Pro subscribers, as well as a fully-curated curriculum, personalised feedback, real-time support, portfolio creation, and numerous other benefits that will be hugely beneficial to anyone looking to start a career in coding. 

The four Techdegrees 

Treehouse currently offer four different Techdegrees to students. These are: 

  • Front End Web Development, which focuses on creating websites. Projects included in this Techdegree include building a game show app, an interactive photo gallery, and a web app dashboard.
  • User Experience Design covers subjects such as user research and design for both websites and mobile apps. Projects include creating a pet adoption sign-up form. 
  • PHP, which – rather unsurprisingly – focuses on the coding language PHP and its uses, such as storing information. Projects include building a game show app using PHP and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Full Stack Javascript focuses on the use of Javascript, with the projects included on the course including SQL Library Manager and building an interactive form.

Suitability for beginners 

The topics discussed and the projects completed over the course of a Techdegree from Treehouse are undoubtedly complex, with a core focus on skills that are necessary to make a career in coding possible. However, while this complexity is undeniable, it does not mean that the courses are unfathomable – and, most importantly of all, it does not mean that a Techdegree is only suitable for those with prior experience.

Treehouse are very clear about the fact that each of the four Techdegrees are designed to be suitable for absolute beginners. No prior coding knowledge is required; instead, the courses will take students through all of the foundational information required. As a result, anyone with an interest in coding should find a Techdegree more than suitable to their experience level.

Student support 

One of the standout benefits of a Techdegree is the fact that comprehensive student support options have been included. Treehouse state that students enrolled on a Techdegree course are able to enjoy support from a variety of different sources. All students are, for example, invited to participate in an exclusive community on Slack, and can also contact members of staff during office hours at Treehouse should they be in need of live assistance with any queries you may have. 

Techdegree course length 

Three of the Techdegrees – Front End Web Development, PHP, and Full Stack Javascript – require four months of study, while User Experience Design requires three. However, that does not mean that the courses have to be completed within three/four months of signing up; you can take your time, working to ‘soft deadlines’, and even pausing your studies if you need to do so. Thanks to this ability, you can be confident that a Techdegree will always be completely compatible with the rest of your life.

The cost of Techdegrees

The Techdegrees are the highest cost of the Treehouse options, which makes sense when considering how comprehensive the courses are and the multitude of options they offer to those who choose to study. 

The cost to subscribe to a Techdegree is $199 per month, which for UK students will work out to around £150 per month depending on exchange rates. Given the timelines above, it is therefore reasonable to expect that all but the User Experience Design Techdegrees will cost at least £600 (presuming four months of study), and User Experience Design will be £450 (presuming three months of study). 

While far from “cheap”, it could definitely be argued that the Techdegrees offer excellent value for money. Completing a course and building a portfolio can help students secure roles working in the coding industry, where salaries tend to be significantly higher than the average UK wage. For those looking to change their career and their earning potential, a Techdegree is therefore a worthwhile investment. 

Free trial available 

Impressively, Treehouse have chosen to offer new students a one-week free trial of all of their Techdegrees. Should you choose to sign up, you will receive access to all of the materials and support that are provided to those who are subscribed on a monthly plan. This provides you with the opportunity to try everything out for yourself, learn how it works, and see how you get on – all without a financial commitment. 

At the end of the seven-day free period, you can either continue your subscription at the price mentioned above ($199/£150 or thereabouts per month) or cancel without incurring a charge. 

Why should you consider a Techdegree over a “Basic” or “Pro” subscription?

It’s important to acknowledge that both the Basic and Pro subscriptions to Treehouse are very much worth doing, and can really help to build towards a future working in the coding and development industry. Both options provide access to Treehouse’s excellent courses, and the flexibility of the monthly subscription is particularly useful. 

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the Techdegrees from Treehouse offer something a little bit special. These courses are designed to be as in-depth as possible, covering every base imaginable, and helping students to build towards a recognisable career path. If you’re serious about transforming your career, then the feedback and portfolio-building that a Techdegree can provide is amongst the best coding-related educational options you’ll find online, which somehow manages to be as comprehensive as it needs to be without becoming overwhelming. 

Considering all of the advantages we have discussed above, we suggest that anyone looking to turn coding and development into a fully-fledged career should see a Techdegree from Treehouse as an excellent investment in their future prospects. 

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