Online SEO Courses: Are They Worth It?

SEO has become one of the hottest topics over the last decade. It seems that everybody in the digital marketing sphere is a self-proclaimed SEO expert. Gurus proclaim to have the secret insider information to get your site from the nether-regions of Google to the top of page one. But is it as complicated as the experts make out? Is there a secret formula to improving your website’s visibility? Yes. Learn. SEO is a subject that, quite simply, you have to study. Sure, plenty comes from learning on the job, but otherwise it’s absolutely necessary that you grasp the foundations first. Without knowing how a search engine works, or what a keyword is, or the importance of quality on-site content, you’re going to fail in your digital marketing pursuits. Thankfully, the best way to learn about SEO online nowadays is by embarking upon an online course — they’re well-structured, simple to follow and are often jam-packed with the basic SEO principles you need. Read on for more information with an SEO course might be worthwhile for you or your business.

What makes a good SEO course?




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Who are SEO courses useful for?

When it comes down to it, SEO courses are useful for anybody working in the world of digital marketing. The old rule ‘content is king’ certainly still holds it weight, but simply sticking words on a page and hoping for the best is no longer useful. Hence, even copywriters should have basic SEO skills nowadays. But we’re not suggesting that the buck stops at copywriters though — if you’re the CEO of an organisation that has an online presence, you should understand the basic principles of SEO. As business moves into the digital realms at lightning speeds, many of your future decisions will be based around the organic presence of your brand on search engines, and we’re confident your marketing director will be pushing for more budget spend to go towards search presence. Ultimately, everybody in your marketing team, and executive level staff regardless of their field, will find an SEO course useful.

But a solid SEO course won’t just benefit employees of businesses — even the casual blogger could do with some knowledge around SEO. While many casual bloggers will claim not to be concerned about traffic — their online writing being more of a creative outlet than a business pursuit — there’s no denying that it feels good when a post gets a huge uplift in traffic. After a course in SEO, it’s likely you’ll be able to identify why a particular post got traffic: maybe it was optimised for a high-value keyword and you didn’t realise; maybe you’ve structured the content in a specific way and that’s lead to a boost; maybe you managed to attract high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. And who knows, after identifying the things you did — from the knowledge you acquired through your online SEO class — your posts may continue to attract traffic. And in the digital marketing world, traffic means revenue. 

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How effective are online SEO courses for business?

Maybe you’re a director looking to improve your team’s knowledge around SEO, but you’re not sure whether an online course could provide the ROI that an in-house course could offer. This is a fair concern — you definitely want to make sure you’re investing in the right medium.


Ultimately it comes down to the position your business is in:


Firstly, if your organisation is mainly remote — as in your employees work from home — then an online course is the easiest route to improve your marketing team’s knowledge of SEO. It’s difficult to get employees together, especially when they live in different continents. An online SEO course, in this instance, would be easier to organise;


Secondly, how much do you have to invest? Bringing in a professional for a workshop can set a company back thousands. On the other hand, what’s stopping you simply purchasing an online Udemy course and running it in a conference room for your staff. A high-quality Udemy course which has been peer-reviewed many times might set you back £199.99 for 8 hours of material (more than enough to fill a day). You could then ask one of the existing SEO experts in your team to answer any questions that come up throughout. 


On the other hand, if there are members of your team who don’t effectively learn through video content, then it might be worth bringing in an in-house tutor. With an expert on hand for the day, they can provide step-by-step walk-throughs and explain complicated topics in more detail. 


How much does the average online SEO course cost?

Online SEO courses are not expensive, but as they say — you pay for what you get. On Udemy, a simple introduction to SEO might well set you back between £20 and £50, while a positively peer-reviewed ‘Beginner to Advanced’ SEO course with over 8 hours of material might set you back £199.99. For a full overview of what an SEO course will cost and what it can offer you, check out our dedicated SEO online classes page.

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Everybody. While mostly useful for those working in the digital marketing industry, anybody who has an interest in search engines, modern tech or even writing will find an online SEO course useful.

Yes, there are many free courses to be found on Udemy. These are often introductory courses that lead to more advanced, often paid, online SEO courses — but they’re a great start.

Of course. Like most things in the world, SEO can be learned on the job. The truth is though, online schools are the best way to learn a topic, and often give you a speedier introduction into the world of digital marketing. 

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