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The Best Courses for Online Security in 2020

The internet defines the lives of many people across the world today, especially their working lives. Far more economic activity than ever before is handled on the web, from buying the weekly shop to booking training courses for colleagues. Yet there is still a knowledge gap among many people when it comes to safety on the internet.

Safety and security are paramount at a time when the number of threats seems to be growing daily. From small-time scam merchants to entire foreign governments, the news seems to be full of cyber security attacks these days.

This means that anyone using the internet needs to be fully aware of all the issues surrounding internet safety.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are fully expert in internet safety is take one of the increasing number of online courses out there. You can take these courses as a private individual or as part of your career. Your workplace may suggest you take one of these courses. If you own a business, then you might want to encourage your employees to take a course.

Here, we will take a closer look at five of the best online courses in online safety. You can get an idea of what the courses cover, how long they take and how much they cost.

By the time you have read this article you should be able to find a course in internet safety that is a perfect match for you.

1. SAFEcic – eSafety Online Training

SAFEcic is a community interest company that provides expert guidance and training on safeguarding. One of the primary areas of expertise is internet safety. Their eSafety online traiing course is designed for anyone working with children and young people, and teaches learners about the power of the internet and the accessibility and reliability of online information.

The course costs £9.95 for an individual, but companies can find a discounted rate based on the number of people that they sign up for the course. There is also a discount available for National Council for Voluntary Organisation members, so watch out for that if you have an NCVO card.

The course covers material like what constitutes a criminal offence on the internet, as well as teaching learners how to respond correctly to safety concerns, and to identify best practice when it comes to issues of online safety. You will receive a certificate that is valid for a year if you complete the course successfully.

Training is delivered in under an hour, and is highly interactive. It is also a step towards Ofsetd accreditation for your business.

Administration staff in your organisation can also download all learners’ progress straight to Excel, making keeping track of your employees’ progress a very simple process.

2. Udemy – Internet Safety: How to Stay Safe Online

One of the internet’s best course providers is Udemy, so it is no surprise that you can find many good courses on internet safety there. This course is a beginners’ guide to internet safety, and it will teach you how to keep yourself safe from hacks, attacks and scams. It is aimed at the person who is looking to become a safer internet user in the home, and costs £19.95.

The course materials consist of two hours of on-demand video, as well as two downloadable resources. When you sign up for the course you are granted lifetime access to these materials. You can access the materials on your mobile device or your TV, and you do receive a certificate on completion of the course.

The course consists of video lectures that dovetail with practical demonstrations on key topics. There are also practical exercises that will help to fix the course’s concepts into your mind. You will be taught by Phil Watters, who is an IT trainer based in the UK, and is also an expert in IT security and email archiving. A former rocket scientist, he has previously designed courses for Symantec.

This course is an excellent entry level training programme for people who want to improve their internet security skills. It is also very good value, and is backed by genuine industry expertise.

Best Beginner Course Provider for Business:

It's quite simple — if you're looking for a cost effective solid introduction to online business, then we highly recommend you head to Udemy. They offer a wide range of online business courses starting from £9.99.

3. Coursera – Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization

This 100% online course has a flexible schedule and will take approximately two months to complete. It is intended to teach learners about modern system technology and protection methods, which is a fancy way of saying internet security. You do need some familiarity with information technology management and concepts, even though the course says it is aimed at beginners, so this is perhaps not the best option for complete novices.

Identification and authentication are really the central concepts that you will learn about on this course. The course is part of what Cousera term their ‘specialisations’. As such, there are four components to the course: Introduction to Cyber Attacks, Cyber Attack Countermeasures, Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation, Enterprise and Infrastructure Security. All of these four components are aimed at basic level learners.

The instructor is Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, a research professor at New York University and the CEO of Tag Cyber LLC. You can enrol for free in the course, something that immediately puts it in the good value range of courses.

See website for more details


4. Open Learn (The Open University) – Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online

This free course from the Open University is aimed at the general layperson who wants to understand online security and protect their digital life, both at home and at work. Viruses and Trojans are covered, along with ideas like network security, cryptography, identity theft and risk management. The course is designed by The Open University with support from the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme, so it has some pretty impressive credentials.

You can enrol in the course for free, and you can earn an Open University digital badge by participating. Although these badges are not an accredited qualification, they can be used to demonstrate aptitudes and interests, as well as commitment to certain concepts, and are therefore useful from a career perspective. The course is endorsed by the CPD Standards office, so it is a useful way of demonstrating your commitment to continuous professional development to your employer.

You will receive a free statement of participation on completion, which might not be quite as official as a certificate but will certainly prove that you took part. Crucially, the course does not assume an prior knowledge of IT and computing at all, and is therefore perfect for complete beginners. Cory Doctorow is the course leader. He is a visiting professor at The Open University.

The course includes practice and quizzes, and is divided up into eight week-long sections.

5. NSPCC – Keeping Children Safe Online

For many people, the main focus for keeping safe when online is knowing how to protect their children. If keeping your children safe from cyber threats is one of your main concerns, then this course from the NSPCC might be just what you’re looking for. The course has been designed by the NSPCC in association with CEOP, the child protection unit of the National Crime Agency.

The course costs £35 and should take you around four hours to complete. It is an elearning course, so you can complete it online. It is CPD certified, and you can complete it at your own pace in your own time, and study wherever you want. The course is aimed primarily at professionals who work with children, so is relevant for teachers, social workers and police officers, among other people.

Topics covered include internet bullying, online radicalisation and extremism and online sexual offending against children. By the end of the course, you should not only be familiar with concepts such as these and others, but also know how to access advice and support that can help you better protect children who are under your care.

Once the course is over, you can continue to benefit from further information, training and downloadable resources to help continue your learning. On successful completion of the course, you are awarded a personalised certificate of achievement.


The courses here are just the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to security in the internet. To find out more about courses relating to internet safety, use this website. We can help you find the best providers and their best prices for whatever you want to learn, from photography to fitness, and from cyber security to making sausages. Whatever you want to learn, there is usually an online course for it these days.

So if you want to learn about how to be safer when using the internet, check out the five courses we have outlined here. All are well worth you signing up, and are very affordable too. You never know where a basic course like one of these might take you in the end. Internet safety has never been as important as it is now, so learning how to protect yourself and others online is a very valuable skill to learn.

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