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ver since it was founded by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen in 2014, and started under its own name a year later, Masterclass has enjoyed a reputation for the high quality of its online courses. The concept behind Masterclass is very simple. They take some of the world’s leading authorities on topics such as political leadership, film making, cookery and sport, among other subjects, and let them teach a course on their subject.


These courses consist of a series of video lessons, usually around between 12 and 25, with the courses lasting around three hours. Downloadable workbooks and other materials accompany Masterclass courses. They are usually the perfect complement for the high quality video lessons, which are produced using the highest possible standards.


While the courses at Masterclass do not teach much in the way of practical skills, and you certainly do not collect recognised qualifications for completing the courses, they provide plenty of illuminating insight into how some of the world’s leading experts have risen to such heights. Read on to find out all you need to know about Masterclass, and how can help you make the most of this outstanding course provider.

Learn to cook with Ramsay

Become a next-level chef with the help of Michelin star winner Gordon Ramsay’s most comprehensive range of online cooking courses — all from the comfort of his own home. 

Compose with Zimmer

Sure, he didn’t watch his first movie until he was 12, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of Earth’s leading movie composers. Enter his world and learn from the best with Masterclass.

Soar and fly with Hadfield

How do you suit up, get into a rocket, fly it into the nether-regions of space and survive to tell the tale? Learn everything you need to know about space travel with ISS Pilot Hadfield.

Learn to direct with Howard

Behind every great movie is a visionary director. Ron Howard has created a variety of history’s most popular movies including Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code. 

Shoot hoops with Curry

One of the NBA’s best shooters of all-time, Stephen Curry shares all in his in-depth guides to bringing out the best basket baller inside you. Learn ball-handling, footwork, drills and more.

Laugh out loud with Martin

Everybody knows Steve Martin. Let this legendary comedian into your home via Masterclass and learn how to crack off side-splitting laughs and witty putdowns with ease. 

Shred the guitar with Morello

Tom Baptiste Morello is best known as part of metal legends Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Learn how to perform live, create your own songs and even how to play.

Learn poker with Negreanu

Poker legend Daniel Negreanu takes you on a journey which should, at the end, ensure you’re fully equipped to play poker. After all, who better to teach than the WSOP legend. 

Jump into directing with Lynch

Dreampt of an Oscar-nominated tutor to pave your route into directing? Wanted said director to teach directly from your home? If so, David Lynch’s Masterclass is perfect for you!

You can read about a range of Masterclass courses here at our website, and the list is expanding all the time. If you want to know what each of the Masterclass courses covers, then your reviews should be your first port of call. We have reviewed courses on film directing, writing and journalism, as well as basketball gymnastics and contemporary Italian cooking.

You can find reviews here of David Lynch’s course on creativity and film, if you want to dive into the alt-noir world of the creator of Twin Peaks. If Oscar-winning glory is more your thing when it comes to film-making, we have also reviewed Ron Howard’s course on directing for you. If your performing arts ambitions are about making people laugh, try Steve Martin’s course on comedy might be just what you’re looking for, as long as you can stand the banjo playing! Neil Gaiman’s course on the art of storytelling is a great learning experience for writers, and it’s reviewed here too.

Of course, Masterclass is not just about the arts. Sports fans can improve their basketball attacking skills with NBA star Stephen Curry, or learn gymnastics with Olympic champion Simone Bales. Massimo Bottura and Gordon Ramsey are also hanging about in the Masterclass kitchen, waiting to teach you the skills that have made them tycoons of the catering trade.

Annie Leibovitz is also there, to teach you about taking great photographs, while Bob ‘Watergate’ Woodward has some amazing insights to offer in his course on investigative journalism. All of these courses are reviewed here at so that you can see exactly what each one is like before you commit to it.

Individually tested by students

Here at we believe that you need the most accurate information possible at your fingertips about online courses. For this reason, we test the courses we review. You can find out whether each course covers what you expect it to, and what the tutor is like. Masterclass, of course, has celebrity tutors. This means that they have undisputed expertise and mastery of their subject areas. It does not automatically mean that they are great communicators or teachers, though.

We test each of the courses we review thoroughly, and also make sure that we check out online reviews by students. These can be an invaluable source of additional information, especially when it comes to assessing the effectiveness of tutors. Before you commit to a Masterclass course, you need to know what other students thought of the course. The reviews on our website can help illuminate this area for you.

What topics are covered on Masterclass?

One of the main selling points of Masterclass is the quality of the topics that are covered. You are able to learn skills and receive insights from some of the world’s acknowledged experts in their fields. While this type of learning is not for everyone, and is not about learning mundane skills or collecting qualifications, you can pick up some really valuable information. You can also learn interesting details about how the tutors work and how they create the great projects with which they have made their reputations.

There is a diverse range of subjects covered at Masterclass. When it comes to the arts, the range is particularly impressive. We have already mentioned that David Lynch and Ron Howard teach courses on film, but you can also take courses in film making that are taught by Jodie Foster and Werner Herzog. Natalie Portman and Helen Mirren are there to teach courses in acting, while Aaron Sorkin can teach you how to write film scripts.

Another subject area that Masterclass covers really comprehensively is cookery. Some of the world’s most renowned chefs are Masterclass tutors. Alice Waters teaches a course in the art of home cooking. Gabriela Camara hosts a course on Mexican cookery, while the techniques of Texas style barbecue are taught by Aaron Franklin. Thomas Keller and Dominique Ansel are among the other cooks teaching classes, while you can also learn about wine appreciation from James Suckling.

Sport is not an area that many course providers cover, but Masterclass has some really appealing options. As well as Stephen Curry’s basketball course and the gymnastics offering from Simone Biles, you can also benefit from Serena Williams teaching you how to play tennis, and Daniel Negreanu sharing his insights on poker.  Business and politics are also covered at Masterclass. You can learn from David Axelrod, Paul Krugman and Chris Voss, amongst many others.

As you can see, the real strength of Masterclass is the quality of its celebrity tutors. There is nowhere else in the world that offers you the chance to learn from titans like the Masterclass tutors.

Alternatives to Masterclass

If you’ve looked at Masterclass but you’re still open to alternatives, then there are some alternatives you can consider. These course providers do not offer the same template at Masterclass does. You are unlikely to find Gordon Ramsey teaching cookery anywhere else, for example. There are other very good course providers out there, though, who can offer courses that teach many of the same skills. Some also offer formal qualifications in those skills.

Another thing to bear in mind is that Masterclass courses are quite expensive too. If you do not want to have to pay for courses, then you might want to take a look at Khan Academy. This altruistic provider endeavours to provide world-class education for anyone, wherever in the world they are. Udacity is another course provider that offers around 200 free courses that complement its paid offerings. You can learn a variety of subjects at Udacity, but computer science is the most prominent amongst them.

Coursera is a course provider that offers some free courses, though you do have to pay for the bulk of their offerings. Nevertheless, if you want to learn highly specialist skills in topics such as computer science then Coursera has almost 4000 courses on offer, right up to degree level, many of which are offered in conjunction with some of the world’s top universities. A similar service is provided by Udemy, who have over 80,000 courses on offer, some of which are taught by celebrities. Both of these providers are reviewed here at


So if you’re interested in taking one of the many Masterclass courses on offer, make sure you check out our reviews here. We cover all the details you need about each course. You can find out all the topics covered, as well as the quality levels of the course materials. With Masterclass courses costing £85 individually, or £14.17 a month as part of a subscription package, you need as much detail as possible before you decide to commit to them.

We can offer that detail, and also give you an illuminating assessment of the overall value of the course. We will tell you all about the quality of the course materials, and whether or not any accompanying material is provided alongside the video lessons. The accompanying materials are vitally important if you want to make the most of a course. Thankfully, this is something else that Masterclass does very well. We’ll also give you a full assessment of the kind of time commitments that you will need to make to get the best possible value from the courses.

If you want to know whether committing to a Masterclass course is worth the effort then make sure you visit first. We’ve got everything you need to help you make the right choice.